The Two Hoots Creative Story

Hello and welcome! 

My name is Sophie Graine, and I'm the proprietress of Two Hoots Creative.

I believe in tiny houses, wild blackberries, chickens in the backyard, road trips by bicycle, and running downhill at full speed while holding hands.  I believe in ponderosa pines, the smell of desert dust in the moonlight, and the glow of distant glaciers before sunrise. I believe in the intense orange glow of trees two hours before sunset. I celebrate these things though my sketches, hand-made prints and paintings in order to share my part of this wild and beautiful world with you.

If you are a fellow explorer, if you'd rather be unrolling your sleeping bag under starlight and manzanita tonight, then my art is for you.

Thank you warmly for your visit. I would love to hear from you!

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